Marketing is more than advertising and public relations. Marketing is about driving sales. We have experienced personnel that will work with you to determine which marketing activities will acquire the most revenue for you. We will perform sales-marketing activities and/or assist you in obtaining the best in the business to handle those activities. VU Branding Studios prides itself on staying on the front line of marketing as it becomes more sophisticated and marketing outlets change and grow.




Advertising - If they can't remember it, they're not going to buy it. Your image is your calling card. The way you get your product or service noticed by your target audience. The elements of creative advertising establishes your image, product or services in the minds of your target audience. The importance of a strong brand can't be denied (think Coca-Cola, Campbell Soup, Allstate). It is the foundation around which all of your other creative collateral, advertising and promotion will revolve.


VU Branding Studios will help you determine which advertising vehicles (print, radio, direct marketing or television) are most suited to your product or service and then develop and produce a creative campaign that maximizes those placements.


Advertising and promotions can be pricey. Therefore, utilizing the services of VU Branding Studios will help control those costs. What's a clever ad if you can't remember the product or anything about it?


Ask yourself the following question:

Are you representing you and yours?

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